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its all about improving mental health in construction.

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Mike Turlin #Kudos Thank you for always bringing your best self to work #inspirationalLeader
Jacob Mascarenhas
A Charismatic Intelectual, Fascinating Empath & a Blogger at @awriterstep & @empathysimplified
“Mike you continue to inspire and I am very excited to hear about Construction Buddies. Brilliant and inspiring. If I can support you in your new venture I will. Thank you for all you do, always. Tale lots of care. :)”
Caroline Ellison
Dip. Couns. MBACP
“What a brilliant way to put it Mike. All too often people don’t seek help until after bomb has exploded sadly enough!”
Lisa Murphy
Anger Management Coach
“Just wanter to say I think it's awesome the work you are doing for mental healh.. in a world that seems to be full of people all about themeselves people like you restore my faith in humanity.... I have absolutely no idea about musical lights but i can't wait to see your house this year”
Rachel Waters
Proud Brummie/ Mental Health Awareness Warrior
“I have met some people who are into helping others and Mike is no exception. He’s here to listen, open up, and encourage other people to talk about a topic that has been shushed for hundreds of years - mental health. He’s a genuine fella and a shaker and mover of the present time.”
Jessie Smith
“They say “you aspire to inspire” and that is very true, as I can testify that Mike Turlin really inspired me from the moment I first saw him at London Olympia with his white and golden top Bentley and his teddy bear. ”
Alusine Kamara
Student Interships / Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment
"Thank you so much for connecting as well. Mike. I truly appreciate it! You are doing great and absolutely necessary work! Have visited your profile and just can say BRAVO, big respect Mike! Let's leran from and getting inspired by each other's experiences and content. Remain safe and healthy witj ypur loved ones in these challenging times!Let's keep in touch, please."
Otto F. Gatternigg
Mental Happiness & Inner Health - Foundation For Humanity
“Mike is passionate about helping people in the construction industry. He’s the real advocate when it comes to promoting mental health awareness.”
Ann Teodoro
“We all have busy lives and I am awed at how some people, especially Mike Turlin, find time to help other people in need - sometimes, even before his own needs. Have you ever met such a person? Oh yeah, there’s Mike.”
Darelyn Allison