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About me

I am Mike founder Construction Buddies and Bentley Mental Health

I still work as a projects manager by day but at night and weekends I am a passionate Mental Health campaigner.

The construction industry losing over 100 construction companies going bust each week is this down to bad management or cost of materials or badly priced or could be a combination of all, but with so many workers and businesses owners and suppliers being affected by this isn’t it time to change and to give your worker better wellbeing,

So, ask yourself Why Is Employee Wellbeing Important? Focusing on employee wellbeing not only creates happier workers but it also has a significant impact on the bottom line. More money

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Construction Buddies Awareness

The benefits of making wellbeing a top priority in the workplace are:

So, it’s a win win for companies and employees 👍 So, Work with us to help make the change the industry.

your wellbeing

We at Construction buddies want workers to enjoy coming to site and know that we care and want them to go home safe, but we can’t do it alone we need to partner with groups and companies

We at Construction Buddies want to help companies to show your staff that they can gain from better training courses, mentoring from older managers like me, getting better wellbeing facilities on site,
I used to have monthly barbecues and bikes for the workers to get to the local shops and relaxation room and so much more, That worker all love to work there, so never had to chase for labour was always asked if I wanted more so this meant months ahead of program on some plots, so look at what you can gain so much, I even had a call from 1guy that when he was told he was coming back to my site it was like fireworks going off how happy he way to work with me again, Also due to the Cscs card system changing next year lots of older workers will have to leave the industry, so we need more replacements,
Also, we show workers what they can gain from not going to the pub each night then going home to their partner which can lead to issues at home, but saving that money could lead to a better life at home and maybe a mortgage you never know,

Other Issue in the construction industry
Speaking to lots of people about bullying there is so much still going on in the industry,

Mental Health in Construction We are the the Voice of Construction

when does banter stop and become bullying to the stage you end your life or leave your job or you have a breakdown,I speak to so many that are suffering from this, Also Working away from home why are companies still sending staff over 400 miles from families for long periods,this manager had a breakdown due to this why, Personally, I hate statistics as its people lives. But when I travel the Uk, I show my story and people open up about theirs and I say to them that it was having a hobby that helped me something I was doing for me no one else it stoped my mind from over thinking,

As managers some are put under lots of pressure to cut corners lose our jobs, I spoke to a manager that if he was to use a breathalyser on his site, he would have no workers due to the location of his site but when things hit the fan, he is the 1st to be told it’s his fault, I spoke to other workers the other day and asked them why they are working in unsafe conditions they told me that they have taken on the contract and have no other work, so it’s work or no money,

I also spoke to a carpenter company that was showing some lovely photos of their work I asked them about the crash deck he replied we always work with a crash deck I then said you photo doesn’t show one around the outside so a high Fisk of falling and it’s raining, so there are several people at fault the manager the contracts manager for the carpenter company and the workers,
Why do we all do it it’s lives at risk, I myself recently walked of a site where there was a high risk someone could fall from a 3rd floor window and was told that I was looking at the worst-case scenario they could only fall to the 2nd floor, that manager just didn’t care so many other trades have walked off that site,
Site safety and well-being needs to be top priority, Let’s start the change that’s needed! So many companies still ticking boxes when it comes to mental health and well-being, they get a 1st aider but who looks after them, but on site too many managers ticking boxes and not checking the work why is this due to laziness or not enough time,
We are still losing over 2workers a day why are we not doing more to make changes.