Mental Health in Construction

Mental Health in Construction 2023 

We are the Voice of Construction.

What can we do for you Mental Health in Construction 2023 talks and lots more.

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We have been in the industry for over 40+ years.

And we understand what construction workers go through on a day to day basis and how hard and stressful it can be for everyone involved.

But we want to help by improving with our  mental health in construction and wellbeing talks and help you gain better staff retention and less sick days. You have nothing to lose.

Mental Health in Construction We are the the Voice of Construction

We are trying to Help improve the Construction Industry with our mental health in construction talks 2023.

work with us to make positive improvements

Mike Turlin, started Bentley mental health after trying to end his own life in 2009 then decided he wanted to do more for the people he worked due to the amount of issues the industry has, so he started construction buddies with the aim to improve section of our mental health in construction talks and with the focus on workers well being and safety top priority these videos are a combination of some of our journey.

let us help you make positive changes with our mental health in construction 2023 talks.

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Mental Health in Construction We are the the Voice of Construction

Why do we do what we do?

With being in the construction industry for over 40+ years we have seen so many amazing properties being built and built  by our-self’s as a project manager, but also we have seen some very bad standards and very poor safety standards this is why we want to help make positive improvements to the industry, starting from helping workers in their careers, and mentoring and showing them by talking about their issues can help them,

The construction industry can be a hard place to work,but it doesn’t have to be as bad as it is let’s work together and have workers enjoy coming to work, 

On one of our sites we had monthly barbecue and basketball and bikes for the workers everyone loved working there we was so far ahead on programme this showed that by looking after your workers you not only save money but don’t lose so much time on your program. 

Let’s have workers going home stress free and you making more money it can happen and improve the construction mental health

Talk to us about our  mental health in construction talks.


Promoting positive improvements across the construction industry

So ask yourself Why Is Employee Wellbeing Important? Focusing on employee wellbeing not only creates happier workers but it also has a significant impact on the bottom line and make More money so it’s a win for everyone.let’s talk 07387298911 

Mental Health in Construction We are the the Voice of Construction
My Mission

Construction Buddies & Bentley Mental Health car that gets people talking at events and open up about any issues.

The benefits of making wellbeing a top priority in the workplace are:

So Work with us to help make the improvements in the industry.

talk to us now!  07387298911 

Mental Health in Construction We are the the Voice of Construction

Thank you to these lovely people.

“What a brilliant wat to put it Mike. All too often people don’t seek help until after bomb has exploded sadly enough!”
Lisa Murphy
Anger Management Coach.
Mike Turlin #Kudos Thank you for always bringing your best self to work #inspirationalLeader
Jacob Mascarenhas
A Charismatic Intelectual, Fascinating Empath & a Blogger at @awriterstep & @empathysimplified
“Mike you continue to inspire and I am very excited to hear about Construction Buddies. Brilliant and inspiring. If I can support you in your new venture I will. Thank you for all you do, always. Tale lots of care. :)”
Caroline Ellison
Dip. Couns. MBACP
“They say “you aspire to inspire” and that is very true, as I can testify that Mike Turlin really inspired me from the moment I first saw him at London Olympia with his white and golden top Bentley and his teddy bear. ”
Alusine Kamara
Student Interships / Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment
Mental Health in Construction We are the the Voice of Construction

Michel Turlin Project Manager

Michael Turlin, your Construction Buddy, received a Considerate Constructors Gold Award in 2017 and Silver Award in 2019 for making the site considerate towards the local community, environment, and workforce.

“The award is given by Considerate Constructors Scheme is an independent organisation founded in 1997 to raise standards in the construction industry.”